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VIVIDSHOT is trying to capture natural faces without over-calibration or effects.

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AI training and image generation requires the use of high-performance computers for long periods of time at a cost. (VIVIDSHOT is currently exploring various ways to reduce the cost burden)

πŸ“· AI Booth Usage Guide

- You can use this theme with one photo!
- The AI images created are available for download for 1 year.
- AI images are a work in progress, and you may not be satisfied with some of the results provided by the AI. Refunds are not available due to unsatisfactory results, and can only be made with your consent. Thank you for your understanding.

Payment Methods

- This product is a product that is converted immediately after the member purchases and uploads the image, and after uploading the image, it is not possible to withdraw or cancel the subscription (withdrawal of subscription, etc.) according to Article 21 of the Enforcement Decree of the Electronic Commerce Act (goods produced individually according to the consumer's order). - Since the result is randomly generated by AI, the company cannot guarantee the quality of the result, and it is difficult to refund for this reason. (However, for photos with issues such as deformities, please contact and we will help you reproduce the photo.) - However, if the purchased product is different from what the company advertises or is performed differently from the contract, you can withdraw your subscription within 3 months from the date of purchase and within 30 days from the date you know or could have known. In the event of a withdrawal, the product will be immediately returned to the Company, and the Company will refund the member according to the method of payment within 3 business days. - For inquiries regarding consumer damage compensation, complaint and dispute handling, and refunds, please contact